Designed by bartenders for bars

We’ve used decades of experience working both sides of the bar to bring you a gin that we know customers want.

Better value for money for your customers

We’ve all seen it. You serve a few gin and tonics to a group and when clearing the tables there are loads of unfinished bottles of tonic kicking about, some of which have barely been used. This is because customers don’t want to drown out the taste of the delicate gin they’ve ordered. But with the cost of a standard G&T ranging anywhere from £4.50 to £9 customers are starting to look for value for money when choosing their spirits.

Jukebox has addressed this by creating a recipe that allows the gin to stand up in a G&T even when served with the full standard 200ml bottle of tonic.

Great in both Gin & Tonics and Cocktails

We also designed our gin to be diverse. Striking that balance of a great G&T and great Martini is incredibly challenging. That’s why we explored a multitude of different recipes and then even more recipe tweaks, To create a gin that can strike this balance well and perform beautifully with mixers such as tonics, sodas, ginger ales and juices but can also stand out in complex cocktails and even with food! Jukebox cured salmon (Delish).

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